17 May 2023 10:29

4.0 billion EUR for the new 20-year Belgian OLO 99

On 16 May 2023, the Kingdom of Belgium issued a new 20-year OLO with maturity date 22 June 2043. OLO 99 has an annual coupon of 3.45% and was issued at a price of 99.99%, bringing the annual cost to 3.451%.

The keen interest in the transaction and the high quality of the orders allowed 4.0 billion EUR to be placed with domestic and foreign investors.

The Belgian Debt Agency plans to issue a total of EUR 45.0 billion in OLOs this year. With yesterday's transaction, a total of EUR 26.028 billion was already issued, realising 57.8% of that amount.

More details on the new 20-year OLO can be found in the annex.