11 Jan 2023 10:13

Kingdom of Belgium new € 7.0 billion 3.00% 10-year OLO 97 - benchmark: Deal summary

Record amount of EUR 7.0 billion for the new 10-year Belgian OLO 97

On January 10th 2023, Belgium issued a new 10-year OLO with maturity date 22 June 2033. OLO 97 has an annual coupon of 3.00% and was issued at a price of 99.799%, resulting in an annual cost of 3.024%.

The strong demand for this transaction and the high quality of the orders ultimately made it possible to place 7.0 billion EUR with domestic and foreign investors. This is a record amount for a new 10-year OLO.

The Belgian Debt Agency expects to issue a total of EUR 45.0 billion in OLOs this year.

For more details on the transaction, please refer to the annex.