03 Jan 2022 11:06


As part of its buyback program provided for in the 2022 financing plan, the Federal Debt Agency has started to quote bid prices via the MTS Belgium Treasury segment (TRS) as of Monday 3 January, in order to buy back the OLO 68 bond with ISIN code BE0000328378 and the OLO 79 bond with ISIN code BE0000339482.

The outstanding amount of these loans is respectively 13 652 000 000.00 EUR and 9 502 000 000.00 EUR. These outstandings have not been adjusted with the amounts already bought back by the Debt Agency.

The final maturity date of the OLO 68 is 22 June 2023 and that of the OLO 79 is 22 October 2023.