22 May 2023 16:43

Prime Minister's Speech on the occasion of the celebration of Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland

Prime Minister De Croo delivered a keynote speech in Berlin at the invitation of Chancellor Scholz and German industry following the 60th anniversary celebration of Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland.

In his speech, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo argued, among other things, for a European Industrial Deal to anchor and strengthen European industry in Europe. With his plea, the Prime Minister is, among other things, going against voices advocating de-growth.

The European Industrial Deal advocated by Prime Minister De Croo is built on three elements: (1) a stronger focus in European climate policy, with priority going to the reduction of CO2, (2) more support for clean tech in Europe, in response to the American Inflation Reduction Act and (3) a European energy revolution in which nuclear energy, together with hydrogen and wind energy, should be part of a greater European energy independence.

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