09 Oct 2008 16:55

Additional issuance of Treasury Certificates

Press release of the Belgian Debt Agency

Press release of the Belgian Debt Agency

The Belgian Debt Agency announces an additional issuance of Treasury Certificates

The participation in financial institutions as decided by the government will in 2008 primarily be financed by an additional issuance of Treasury Certificates:

1.    by issuing a higher amount during the already planned auctions of Treasury Certificates;
2.    by possibly offering extra lines in the auctions;
3.    by providing the possibility to hold on Tuesday additional weekly auctions during the months of October, November and December.

In practice, at the next auction of 14th of October a higher amount will be issued and an additional line will be offered, i.e. the Treasury Certificate line maturing on 13th of November next to the already announced lines maturing on 18th of December 2008, 15th of January 2009 and 15th of October 2009.

The additional auctions and lines will be announced on Wednesday before the auctions via the pages of the Treasury with Bloomberg and Reuters.