28 Feb 2024 14:24

"Our security is at stake as well”

“What is at stake in Ukraine goes far beyond Ukraine itself. This is a battle of a democracy that shares our democratic values and our European values against a dictatorship that violates the fundamental rights and freedoms of its people. The security and stability of Europe are threatened," declared Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib in response to the Cabinet’s decision to allocate 200 million euros for the purchase of ammunition.

Belgium joins with its decision the initiative of Czech President Petr Pavel, who is seeking joint funding to deliver 800,000 shells to Ukraine in the short term.

Hadja Lahbib: "European countries must match their words with action and increase their deliveries of weapons and ammunition to end this deadly war as quickly as possible so that diplomacy can take its place. If Ukraine fails, Europe fails. I am pleased that we can strengthen our support for Ukraine thanks to an initiative launched within the EU, and that we can also increase our industrial production efforts in Belgium. To defend their freedom, we must help the Ukrainians better and faster. The Ukrainians need to be able to strengthen their position on the ground as soon as possible. They urgently need more weapons."

‘Belgium was one of the first countries to support Ukraine at the start of the war and we will continue to do so. We will not abandon the Ukrainians,” said the Minister.