01 Dec 2020 20:45

SURE - Press release from the Belgian Debt Agency

Today the Belgian Debt Agency received the first instalment of the European Union Instrument for temporary Support to mitigate Unemployment Risks in an Emergency  (SURE). Belgium applied for a EUR 7.803 billion loan, of which EUR 6.210 billion will be used for financing and refinancing federal government eligible expenditures. The first instalment, which is entirely to the federal government’s benefit, consists of a 15-year loan with a nominal amount of EUR 2.000 billion, due on 4 July 2035. This loan is mirroring the European Commission’s 0.00% 15-year transaction carrying a negative yield of -0.102%. Accordingly the corresponding disbursement amount (EUR 2.030 billion) is above par (101.50%).

The Debt Agency’s long term funding in 2020 now stands at EUR 48.01 billion, equivalent to 98.99% of the planned amount of EUR 48.50 billion.