30 Mar 2020 13:50

Additional funding in 2020

In response to the anticipated increase in funding needs caused by the Covid-19 crisis, the Belgian Debt Agency took a number of decisions related to both its long- and short-term funding in 2020.

First of all, it intends to issue a new syndicated medium term benchmark bond. This will be the third benchmark of 2020, following the successful launch of a new 10-year (OLO89) and 20-year (OLO90) benchmark earlier this year.

Secondly, the Debt Agency increases the number of OLO auctions by also organizing auctions on the penultimate Monday of May, August and October. Optional Reverse Inquiry auctions continue to be possible in these months.

Third, as of today, the Belgian Debt Agency stops buying back OLOs maturing in 2022.

Finally, the Debt Agency will increase the targeted issuance in the Treasury Certificate auctions, and it will issue the medium-term Treasury Certificate line in those auctions for which currently only one line would be auctioned.

The Agency intends to publish the updated 2020 financing requirements and funding plan as soon as possible, once the revised budgetary estimates for 2020 will be established.