30 Mar 2023 15:36

Prime Minister De Croo participates in Bucha Summit, 31 March 2023

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo will digitally participate in the Bucha Summit tomorrow. March 31 marks exactly one year since Bucha was liberated and Russian war crimes came to light.


After the liberation of Bucha, north of Ukraine's capital Kyiv, the whole world discovered the horrific war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Russian army.

On this first anniversary, Ukraine is organising the Bucha Summit on Russia's Accountability for the Crimes in Ukraine. The Prime Minister will address the Bucha Summit through a video message.

Alexander De Croo: "Four months ago I stood in Bucha of the brink of a mass grave where innocent civilians were abandoned by the Russian barbarians. Women and men with hands tied behind their backs, tortured and executed. Remembering them is important, but not enough. We must also hold accountable, prosecute, and bring to justice. That is why Belgium fully supports the International Criminal Court in The Hague in its investigation into war crimes in Ukraine."