13 Nov 2020 11:50

Updated 2020 financing requirements and funding plan

On November 13, the Belgian Debt Agency has re-examined its 2020 borrowing requirements. It estimates the net borrowing of the federal government in 2020 to amount to EUR 31.50 billion, representing an decrease of EUR 8.39 billion compared to the update of 16 June 2020.

As a result, the 2020 gross funding requirements would decrease to EUR 51.46 billion.

The Debt Agency now plans to issue EUR 48.51 billion of medium and long term funding instruments. Of this, OLO issuance would amount to EUR 44.50 billion. In addition, the Debt Agency expects to obtain EUR 2.0 billion via the SURE instrument of the EU.

As for short term debt, the outstanding amount of Treasury Certificates is now expected to rise by only EUR 3.0 billion over the year. The net change in other short term debt would amount to EUR -0.05 billion.