08 Feb 2024 20:32

5.0 billion EUR for the new 30-year Belgian OLO 101 - Summary deal

Successful 30 year syndication, with a record order book for a 30 year transaction and excellent quality of investors


On 7 February 2024, Belgium issued a new 30-year OLO with maturity date 22 June 2055. OLO 101 has an annual coupon of 3.50% and was issued at a price of 99.938%, bringing the annual cost to 3.504%.

The transaction saw strong participation from the outset, with the orderbook growing in excess of EUR 62 billion within the first two hours. This record breaking orderbook encouraged the Debt Agency to set the new issue size at EUR 5 billion.

The Belgian Debt Agency plans to issue a total of EUR 41.0 billion in OLOs this year. With yesterday's transaction, a total of EUR 12.508 billion was already issued, realizing 30.51% of that amount.

More details on the new 30-year OLO can be found in the annex.