01 Jun 2023 09:59

Belgium Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Same-Sex Marriage with a Touching Gift: A Song for the First Dance

Alice on the Roof is releasing a heartfelt song today to celebrate the significant milestone of Belgium's 20th anniversary of same-sex marriage. The song beautifully encapsulates the themes of love, unity, understanding, and acceptance. As part of the 'Embracing Openness' campaign, the song emphasizes love wins in Belgium, also for same-sex couples.

Belgium has always been a pioneer in civil rights. In 2003, Belgium legalised same-sex marriage, a historic date that changed the lives of so many couples. Openness to diversity is part of the Belgian DNA, which is why the country have made progress in strengthening LGBTQIA+ rights ever since. Today, Belgium celebrates this great milestone and look forward to continuing the journey toward dignity and respect for all.

Penned by the Belgian artist, Alice on the Roof, 'The Right Words' transcends boundaries, delivering a powerful message of unity, understanding, and acceptance through the universal language of music. Inspired by the love story of a close-knit couple of friends, Alice artfully weaves the tender emotions and personal introspection into her composition. "My lyrics embody their intimate ponderings," shares Alice. "Questions like 'Do I like this girl? Does it mean I like girls? Do I have the right to embrace my feelings and say, 'I want you; I love you?' In Belgium, the answer is a resounding 'YES'."

"There might be countless jokes about Belgians, but when it comes to love, we are anything but a punchline. On 20 January 2003, the Belgian parliament paved the way for same-sex marriage, etching an unforgettable moment into our history. Although I was merely 7 years old at the time, I, like everyone from my generation, have lived in a world where marriage for all is not up for debate - it is a joyous celebration, period." says Alice.

Belgium, one of first countries in the world to recognize and legalize same-sex marriage, continues to champion equal rights and acceptance for the LGBTQIA+ community. The legislation, approved by an overwhelming majority, was a historic leap forward, transforming the lives of countless couples and igniting a wave of recognition and inclusivity across the nation. Since its inception, thousands of same-sex couples have embarked on their lifelong journeys of love through marriage each year in Belgium.

For more information and updates on this campaign, visit https://www.embracingopenness.be

The campaign will be shared on social media where the country invites the global community to share pictures of their first dance as a celebration of love for all with the hashtag #EmbracingOpenness.

Listen to the song here: https://lnk.to/AliceOnTheRoofTheRightWordsEM

Watch the videoclip here : Same sex marriage - YouTube

For more info, please visit www.embracingopenness.be

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About Alice on the Roof

Alice on the roof is a sparkling, spontaneous and generous Belgian singer. She received a gold record on 27 November 2015 for her debut single "Easy Come Easy Go". With her first next single due out in September, followed by an album in early 2024, Alice will be offering a new aesthetic on stage and in her lyrics, entirely in French, between dream and reality, mirrors and distorted reflections. She will be touring Belgium in September.

About Belgium

Located in the heart of Europe, Belgium is a highly developed nation of over 11.5 million people with a reputation for innovation, hard work, partnership, and multilingualism. Strategically located between Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Luxembourg, and only a stone’s throw from the UK, it lies at the centre of the richest and most densely populated area in Europe. A member of the European Union, Belgium enjoys full access to the world’s most advanced single market and customs zone which ensures extensive frictionless trade.

Belgium boasts a highly developed transport infrastructure, including the second largest seaport in Europe (Antwerp). Belgium is home to world-leading research and innovation facilities, multi-national corporations, and artisanal businesses supported by the investor-centric approach of public services.