29 Sep 2021 13:52

Belgium sends 10 top talents to the European Cybersecurity Challenge in Prague

Today, the Belgian Red Daemons are competing against teams from 21 other European countries. They will represent our country at the annual European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC 2021). For three days they will puzzle and wrack their brains on a variety of security problems that will test their knowledge of cryptography, reverse engineering, network security and analysis of forensics.

Who are these top talents and how will they be prepared?

The participation of the Red Daemons is made possible by a joint effort of NVISO, TOREON and the CCB. Both the practical organization, the sponsorship and the preparatory workshops are provided by these partners.

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Who are they? (video FR)

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Belgium is once again sending a team of talented cybersecurity students to compete against 21 other teams in the European Cybersecurity Challenge. We are sure that they will represent Belgium with dignity and prove once again that our country can be proud of its promising young talent. As the national authority on cybersecurity, the CCB can only support such initiatives. It is a unique opportunity to put tomorrow's cyber experts in the spotlight and to demonstrate the quality of our programs on a European level. Go Belgian Red Daemons!
Phédra Clouner
deputy director Center for Cybersecurity Belgium
I am very happy that we can participate this year with a particularly strong team. I believe that thanks to the flexibility of our young talents and the commitment of the right specialists, we have succeeded in giving this team an extra boost. These initiatives are very important to put the IT security sector in the spotlight. By making our field attractive and well-known, we encourage students to take up studies in cyber security. And that is necessary: the right profiles in our country will protect tomorrow's technologies worldwide. We are looking forward to ECSC2021 ft. The Belgian Red Daemons!
Nik Du Bois
expert Center for Cybersecurity Belgium & Red Daemons coach
We are happy that in the past 2 years we have been able to organize the Cyber Cybersecurity Challenge under difficult circumstances as an online event. Many students have been able to prove themselves in the difficult challenges, both on a technical level and in working together as a team. We wish the Belgian Red Daemons team the best of luck and are already working on the preparations for the next edition planned for March 2022.
Sebastien Deleersnyder (Toreon) & Vincent Defrenne (NVISO)

Facts and figures ECSC 2021

  • Prague, Czech Republic, 28 September - 1 October 2021
  • 22 participating countries https://ecsc.eu/#mapcontainer
  • The 10 participants (and 2 reserve players) are the winners of CSCBE 2020 and best scoring participants of 2021
  • Team leader and technical coach: Nik Du Bois (CCB)
  • Coach - Jeroen Beckers (NVISO)
  • Team advisor - Annika Ten Velden (NVISO) and Caroline Breure (CCB)

More information

Press contact Center for Cybersecurity Belgium

For more information or interviews with the Belgian Red Daemons contact:

Caroline Bruere

+32 470 84 9451


About the ECSC:

The European Cyber Security Challenge provides an opportunity to meet Europe's best cyber security talent. It allows you to collaborate and network with experts, grow and learn by solving complex challenges and boost your career and job opportunities by meeting leading organizations. ECSC proves that you are part of the best and that your skills are second to none. https://www.europeancybersecuritychallenge.eu   

The event is powered annually by ENISA (EU Agency for Cybersecurity). https://www.enisa.europa.eu/topics/cybersecurity-education/eu-cyber-challenge    

About the Cybersecurity Security Challenge Belgium:

Since 2015, a Cyber Security Challenge has been held annually to ignite passion for security among graduating students. After seven successful editions, each year bigger than the previous one, the Cyber Security Challenge has become an unmissable event both for students and the security community. Following the principles of a Capture The Flag (CTF), this cybersecurity competition is a game based on challenges played by up to 4 students. Within a limited time, teams must overcome challenges related to a broad spectrum of cybersecurity issues, such as cryptography, reverse engineering, network security, web or mobile application security, and wireless and forensic analysis. The difficulty of the challenges varies between simple and extremely complex. The Cyber Security Challenge is organized annually by NVISO and Toreon: https://www.cybersecuritychallenge.be/

About the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium:

The Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB) is the national center for cybersecurity in Belgium. The CCB aims to supervise, coordinate and monitor the application of the Belgian strategy on cyber security. By optimizing the exchange of information, the population, companies, authorities and vital sectors will be able to protect themselves appropriately.  More info on www.ccb.belgium.be

The CCB supports the Cyber Security Challenge Belgium (CSCBE), the Belgian component of the ECSC and the national preliminary round for the ECSC. The CCB is responsible for the participation of the Belgian team in ECSC 2021. https://www.ccb.belgium.be