13 Dec 2021 19:43

Federal Government Debt at the end of November 2021

Press release from the Belgian Debt Agency  

As of the end of November 2021, the federal government debt amounted to EUR 451.162 billion. This means that this debt increased by EUR 1.711 billion compared to October 2021.

In net terms (after deducting placements and securities held in portfolio), the federal government debt increased by 2.511 billion euros in November, to EUR 439.773 billion.  

The net balance to be financed for November 2021 amounted to EUR 2.499 billion.

For more details on the issuance and repayment of short-term and long-term debt in November 2021, please refer to the website www.debtagency.be.

The average maturity of the federal government debt increased by 0.01 year to 10.16 years in November 2021, while the average interest rate of the debt instruments remained unchanged at 1.44%. The 12-month and 60-month refinancing risks amounted to 13.82% and 39.47%, respectively.