29 Jun 2021 12:00

Wehubit launches EdTech Call for Proposals to respond to Covid-19

Brussels, 29 June 2021 | With its sixth project call the Wehubit progamme of Enabel, the Belgian development agency, intends to support Education Technologies and the continuity of education for all. The selected projects will receive between EUR 200 000 and 350 000 euros from the European Union. Public institutions or non-profit organisations from the 14 countries listed in the Call can submit their project proposals.


This new Call for Proposals is launched in light of the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis, which has greatly affected the education sector, with more than a billion young people in a lockdown and distance education expanding to ensure education1. This Call aims to contribute to highly accessible and more inclusive quality education, particularly for the most vulnerable groups, namely refugees or women. Special attention will be paid to projects that ensure continuous access to basic public education services and lasting digital solutions.

"Of course, we are pleased with the trust the European Union puts in us. While there are still many questions regarding the post-pandemic, we can already incorporate lessons that we have learned over the past few months. Indeed, many challenges are addressed by interesting digital solutions. But these solutions must take into account the risk of a growing digital divide and ensure continuity and quality and they must be inclusive, if we want to really strengthen the resilience of our education systems by means of these technologies," says Arnaud Leclercq, Wehubit Programme manager.

Since 2018, the Wehubit programme stimulates digital social innovation, or in other words, promotes the use of digital technologies to address societal challenges. The programme so far launched five Calls for proposals on as broad a range of topics as "women and young people’s rights, inclusion and empowerment", "climate-smart agriculture", "e-health" and "closing the digital divide through education, training and the world of work" and, finally, at the end of 2020, "resilient cities for inclusive and sustainable urban development". Wehubit works with 40 partner organisations across Africa and the Middle East. The funded projects offer existing digital solutions that have proven to be effective and that have to be deployed on a larger scale.

EdTech project proposals for Wehubit's sixth call can be submitted until 30 July 2021.

To find out more, please send an e-mail to wehubit@enabel.be.