16 Jun 2021 08:30

Enabel seeks Moroccan startups

Brussels, 16 June 2021 | Today, Wednesday 16 and tomorrow, Thursday 17 June, Enabel, its Moroccan partners and the Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM) organise the 'Maghrib Belgium Impulse Days', a virtual networking event where the Moroccan diaspora in Belgium will have the opportunity to meet business leaders from several sectors and regions in Morocco, to discover their success stories and find out about economic opportunities in Morocco.


The initiative is part of the governmental cooperation between Morocco and Belgium, whereby the Belgian development agency Enabel supports the Moroccan government in the implementation of its national strategy for Moroccans living abroad. It is in this context that Enabel is now actively looking for Belgian-Moroccan start-ups that want to launch themselves in Morocco. Forty promising projects will be supported by the agency in setting up their business.

As a development agency, Enabel has been working with Morocco for years in different sectors such as education, health, and agriculture. Since 2018, Enabel also has several projects on migration, as Morocco is both attracting many people from sub-Saharan countries, as well as seeing many of its own residents leave for Europe.

"The diaspora contributes to the development of both the country of arrival, by working and living there, and the country of origin, where money is sent or invested," explains Ahmed Djamai, Enabel's project coordinator in Morocco.

Enabel will select forty participating projects and offers them coaching and practical training, networking opportunities as well as support in the different phases of establishing and developing their businesses. The projects will be selected on the basis of their innovative and technological potential (engineers, researchers, experts in renewable energy) and certain sectors such as big data, clean tech, education, health or the food industry.

"By organising this event, Enabel hopes to attract Moroccans residing in Belgium to start working on their startups or projects and take the step of doing business in Morocco," concludes Ahmed Djamai.

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