14 Jun 2021 12:44

#Enabling Change - Activity Report 2020-2021

Brussels, 14 June 2021 | In its 2020-2021 activity report, Enabel looks back on a special year. The corona pandemic came as a shock, and no one really knows what its impact will be in the longer term.

Picture Kristof Vadino - Enabel

Our first duty was to rapidly reorient our health projects and help partner countries deal with the health crisis. But all other projects also had to deal with the corona context and had to adapt to the new reality. After all, the social and economic consequences were not long in coming.

The activity report highlights the many instances in which we continued in corona times to enable change and achieve significant results. It is about the disruptive power of a virus on all aspects of life. About the importance of international solidarity when health systems are in danger of capsizing. About how the pandemic has accelerated digitisation. About how the fight against climate change is also a fight against future pandemics. About how to vaccinate democracy. About how cities are hotbeds of problems and at the same time breeding grounds for innovative solutions.

Despite the difficult situation and the fact that 80% of our activities take place in a fragile context, Enabel managed to expand its activities. The Belgian development agency remains on track to fulfil its 2030 ambitions, to do more every year and to have a greater impact in Africa and the Middle-East. In this way, Enabel remains the privileged partner of the Belgian government to implement the Belgian international development policy and is increasingly recognised as a leading European player. And thus maintains the trust of partner countries, working together to address global challenges.

A printed copy (in DU, FR or EN) can be requested via communication@enabel.be